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Straight hair, also known as type 1 hair, is known to be greasy and limp but also very soft and shiny when cared for properly. Although this hair type can sometimes have a loose, wavy texture, it can be difficult to style at times due to its inability to hold a natural curl pattern. It’s also naturally very oily compared to all other hair types, which requires daily washing with shampoo, and minimum conditioning product when it comes to styling. Using volumizing products such as mousses and sprays can really help to add more body and bounce for healthier-looking hair.

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Also known as type 2 hair, wavy hair has a very loose “beachy" curl pattern and tends to be fine in density, thus hair falls into place, closer to the face. This hair type is easiest to style, yet it is often times just as easy to lose curl definition as it is to form it. Hair is also most susceptible to become dry and frizzy in certain conditions (opposite to its natural sheen-like texture), eventually leading to breakage. Frequent protein treatments are recommended, as well as heavy butters and oils to improve elasticity so that it’s healthier, stronger and less prone to breakage.

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Type 3 curly hair has a bit of a tighter “S-shaped" curl pattern than type 2 hair, and is known as “springy/bouncy" with lots of body and definition. Hair is also higher in density but still very soft in texture. It is also more naturally frizzy than type 2, but are still easy to style, therefore gels and creams are often used with this hair type to increase moisture and definition, but also mostly to tame frizz. Protein treatments are still recommended on a regular basis along with deep conditioning periodically. You’d also need to be most careful when applying product to this curl type, as too much product= greasy-looking weighed down curls, and too little= less defined afro (if you desire more defined curls).

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Type 4 coily hair has a very tight “cork-screw"-like curl pattern and is considered more dense and coarse. It is also very fragile and prone to breakage, as it has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types, and therefore has less protection from any self-inflicted damage (combing, blow-drying, straightening, etc). This hair type is also naturally drier than any other hair type, and would therefore need to be cared for and moisturized very frequently. Gentle cleansing such as co-washing and sulfate-free shampoos, weekly deep conditioning, and lighter creams and oils are all recommended for this hair type so that moisture from the products can be better penetrated into the hair (as opposed to simply resting on top), and hair stays healthy and moisturized longer, reducing breakage.

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Dry/frizzy hair, split ends, excessive hair breakage/shedding, easy tangling, and dull curls are just some of the many signs of hair damage. It’s important to ensure that hair is properly cared for and moisturized regularly, by way of regular washing and deep conditioning, protein treatments (when needed - especially for low-density curls), regularly applying oils to ends, and reducing/eliminating heat and chemicals from your hair care regimen.

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